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Construction Safety

LeFrois is committed to the safety of our builders, site visitors and surroundings – making every effort to eliminate the possibility of injury.

We provide training programs, location-specific safety plans and routine safety inspections, and continuously refine safety procedures as industries change. LeFrois consults you and the community to best implement our safety procedures.

Construction Contractors Rochester NY

Eliminate Construction Hazards

LeFrois has developed a culture promoting the safest jobsites possible for our employees, subcontractors, and clients. Each of our designs and procedures include a heavy emphasis on eliminating hazardous workforce conditions.

We are dedicated to providing our employees and subcontractors with the training and resources necessary to increase safety, decrease risk, and improve loss control on every project in which we are involved.

Safety Procedures

  • Perform regular in-house training programs
  • Produce location-specific safety plans
  • Conduct routine inspections at project sites
  • Coordinate with you & community officials to best implement our safety procedures

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