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Flex Space for Lease near Rochester, NY

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LeFrois equips you with the most suitable and strategically located commercial buildings.

Our in-house staff cares for all your needs before and after your transition. Through our commitment to meticulous project build-outs, we save you costs and stress before and after your move.

Our properties consistently exceed a 95% occupancy rate.

What Does a Flex Space Mean in Commercial Real Estate?

In commercial real estate, a flex space is a mixed-use property that can be a hybrid of two or more business types. Typically, the space is a single-story building for multiple facets of any business, at any stage of growth. This is an excellent way for any type of business to streamline its growth and inter-departmental communication.

This type of space often has an office for the front end of the business that handles calls and meetings with customers, and a sizeable warehouse or industrial space connected adjacent to the office. This is an excellent opportunity for a business to be housed at a single property, cutting costs and improving workflow.

These commercial buildings are strategically located around the Rochester NY region, providing ample square footage for all your industrial or warehousing needs with a dignified and presentable front for customers and staff.

What is Flex Real Estate and Why is it a Good Investment?

The concept of flex spaces is not unique to the commercial sector. It is also used infrequently in apartments and other residential real estate types. Commercial flex spaces are more popular for the versatility they offer to new and established businesses, however, and this provides an excellent opportunity for real estate investment.

Because of the square footage of the attached warehouse or industrial space, businesses have ample room to expand without needing to seek a new lease. In most markets, companies will find that flex spaces offer the property type at almost half the price per square foot than other commercial properties, providing business owners with a deal that is too good to pass up.

There is no shortage of companies looking to lease a flex space, especially in the Rochester NY area. These spaces are a great real estate investment because they are always in demand, even during times of economic difficulty. Many businesses require warehousing or storage space to operate their business, and despite shorter lease terms and more affordable square footage, flex spaces fulfill this need and provide greater investment security than other commercial properties.

Why Lease with LeFrois?

LeFrois is proud to offer your business a flex space for lease in Rochester NY that is certain to fit your needs, whether you are looking for an industrial or warehousing split unit. These mixed-use properties are excellent for diverse needs while maintaining a professional appeal. No matter your needs, we can help you find something to suit you.

Since 1963, we have been building real estate to accommodate local industry. Since 1972, the company expanded to include commercial construction work, challenging the demands of commercial contracting by injecting a unique perspective into the sector.

With over 65 years of family-owned and operated experience under our belts, LeFrois has been constructing, developing, and leasing commercial properties in Rochester NY, and surrounding areas. We strive to build lasting partnerships with people and support the industry and business

Ideal Flex Location, Size, and Scale

No matter what commercial property you choose, it needs to represent your business and provide your employees with a degree of comfort that keeps morale high.

Each of the properties we lease is centrally located in convenient areas around Rochester NY. It is easy for employees to commute to with on-site parking and provides a luxurious front-end curb appeal that helps customers feel comfortable walking into the office to do business with you.

Perfect for retail, manufacturing, industrial, or warehousing businesses, flex spaces are available at the size and scale that you need to minimize growing pains and accommodate your business needs. Contact LeFrois to learn more about our current availability or to inquire about upcoming leasing opportunities today.

Flex Space Can Double as Storage Space

One of the opportunities that a flex space provides is that it can double as storage space. Flex spaces are not just meant for warehousing or industrial space but can also allow your business to cut down on storage costs by allowing you to house materials on-site.

Furthermore, flex spaces can be divided into additional sections or areas depending on your business needs. For example, if you need storage space but also want a manufacturing and warehousing section, you can easily accommodate these needs with a large enough flex space.

Some properties are flexible enough to accommodate subletting storage space so that you can make your investment work for you with any unused space on the property.

Finding the Right Flex Space for You

Flex spaces have lenient lease terms and help your business’ budgeting with a lower cost per square foot than the average commercial real estate space, making them a great investment for your business no matter what your needs are.

Don’t let the office search get you down. Finding the right flex space for your business needs doesn’t have to be difficult. With LeFrois, we help you lease the right property at the right location. We can help you find a flex space in the greater Rochester NY area that accommodates your business whether you need a 10,000-square-foot warehouse space or a drive-up dock for manufacturing.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about currently available properties or have one of our representatives talk to you about future flex space leasing options.

Rochester, NY Flex Spaces for Rent

Rochester NY is a rich and diverse region, prime for commercial development and leasing opportunities. The surrounding region is just far enough away to ensure ripe industrial opportunities, but close enough to the big city to keep staff satisfied with their commute.

With strategically located commercial buildings, there is something for everyone. LeFrois has been working with commercial businesses for over 65 years, constructing and leasing spaces that match the demands of local industry.

Give us a call today and talk to us about what your business is looking for in a flex space. No matter if you need 10,000 square feet of storage or 25,000 square feet of retail-ready commercial space, we can help you find a flex space to accommodate those needs.

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