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Construction Technology

With LeFrois, you can streamline the surveying and excavating process with precision.

We are among the first companies in Upstate NY to start utilizing GPS technology. Our fleet of advanced earth-moving equipment is capable of running off GPS. Our machines can grade & move dirt within a ¼” tolerance, without numerous grade stakes.

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Time-Sensitive Projects

Trying to get your project built fast? The coming of winter can become a serious time-crunch for construction. That’s why we use GPS (Global Positioning System) technology.

Prior to any work, our team can accurately measure an existing land site, and determine how the land will evolve during & after construction. This automated, real-time data enables us to survey and excavate much faster & avoid mistakes that lead to costly delays.

Choose LeFrois to quickly complete your construction project with our GPS technology.

How GPS Technology Works

GPS technology advancements in the construction industry is revolutionizing the way that site work projects are constructed.

We can now perform layouts for utilities and building foundations quickly and accurately to speed up the construction cycle.

We can accurately predict the specific cuts and fills of dirt on site to ensure the earthwork will balance – ensuring no costly change orders if there is a need to export or import material.

Virtually Experience Your Building Prior to Construction

Want to know what your building will look and feel like before you buy? Now you can.

Prior to construction, we use Building Information Modeling (BIM) and virtual design programs like Revit to create digital 3D renderings so you can interact with the end-product of your building long before a shovel enters the ground.

This also allows our team of contractors & subcontractors to collaborate more efficiently and effectively on the field. LeFrois has fully embraced and educated ourselves with BIM technology so that we can present information to you in a way that is easy to understand.

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