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What is BIM (Building Information Modeling)?

Thanks to modern technology and innovations in design and architecture, there are ways for all parties involved in a project to see exactly what will be brought to life. That technology is Building Information Modeling, or BIM.

BIM allows for an exact 3 dimensional model to be displayed and shared. It is changing the entire industry and helping to streamline the construction process across the board. For example, if the architect decides to add a certain element or design change, the change is immediately shared and accessible by everyone. Also, others can instantaneously give input and collaborate on those changes. This ability excites stakeholders and keeps everyone focused on what is happening, giving a consistency to the entire project.

The quality of imaging and ability to see to scale exactly what is being created makes for a more aligned and cohesive team. It also means improved efficiency as mistakes or miscommunications are kept to a minimum. From the plans to the actual completion, the ability to rely on BIM can ensure a project is everything it needs to be. LeFrois Builders and Developers (design/build Rochester NY) can show you exactly how this revolutionary tool is changing the industry.

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