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All Form Entries

Name Company Phone Email Message
Jake Sultan [143] (707) 225-1581

Hello LeFrois,

Hope your 2024 is off to a great start. I am an environmental scientist interested in learning about design engineering opportunities with LeFrois. Do you have a convenient time to connect?

Does LeFrois have any civil, structural, or value design engineering needs on upcoming projects? Do you have related RFPs I can share with my channel partner, Practical Engineering Solutions? Let me know your availability to discuss over a quick video call.

Thank you for your time.

Carrie [143] (585) 471-5838

I am looking to speak with who creates and send out your ST-124. I have an issue with one I received in the mail

Thomas Phommanirat [143] (585) 414-0350

Hello. Exploring Collaboration Opportunities. Who would I need to speak with?

Jim Bice [143] (585) 255-0963

Hello, mine name is Jim, my family and I own and operate a parking lot maintenance company called B-line striping. I saw the project your company is working on located on Jefferson Rd and we would like the opportunity to bid on the services we offer. Please feel free to contact us at anytime.
Thank you,
Jim Bice
B-Line Striping

Jordan Douma [143] (616) 698-2960 jordan.douma@ALTG.COM

Hi there,

I am reaching out from Alta Material Handling, formerly known as Liftech. I am hoping to speak to someone in your accounts payable department to discuss a couple of payments we received, as I believe we may owe you a refund.

Thank you

Julie Doel [143] (716) 433-3601

I am inquiring into whether you are accepting new vendors for construction cleaning? We have over 20 years experience, are skilled at working with contractors, and deliver an exceptional results.
We are based out the Lockport/Buffalo area. Please contact us if we can assist in any of your projects.

Julie Doel
Niagara Pro Clean, Inc

JOSHUA joshua [143] (703) 721-8864

JU Estimating offers cost estimation and takeoff services for all types of residential and commercial projects using advanced software Planswift & Revu Bluebeam. We charge per project and our fee varies along with the scope of work. If you’re holding any job and looking to get an estimate/takeoff then just send us the project plans to proceed further.

Adam Hoffman [143] (505) 989-1378


I just saw your website and was impressed by what you’re doing in the construction industry and what you have been able to build – super inspiring!

I noticed you’re providing exceptional services but your Websites have several issues and an old design which is causing you to lose your potential customers. We can help you fix that with a new website and help increase your Monthly and annual recurring Revenue.

Would you be interested in getting a Free Audit?


Please Respond with a Stop to opt-out.

Thomas Crescente [143] (607) 341-5984

Good Morning. I am reaching out on behalf of Cavu Construction Group. We specialize in ACT, Insulation, Drywall, interior framing as well as concrete and asphalt work. If there are any current projects out for bid/pricing, or a bid list we can be added to we would greatly appreciate it.

Thank You.

Bolaji Thomas [143] (585) 260-1943

Looking for somewhere to build a church in Henrietta area or outer burbs

SBI Estimation [143] (202) 657-6172

SBI offers comprehensive architectural and cost-estimating services for contractors, subcontractors, and architects. If you’re considering outsourcing your project, please let me know, and I can provide additional details and samples.


Sahaj [143] (781) 365-5800

Hey, we make animations for builders and construction companies , I wanted to have a conversation with the decision maker at Le Frois regarding the same .
Can you please direct me ?
Thank you.

Stephen B. Takatch [143] (158) 544-2855

Congratulations to the entire LeFrois family, team and partners – continued success into the New Year! All the best, from TEAM Architectura PC – Steve, Jennifer, Scott, Theresa, Nancy, Valerie and Kyle – CHEERS!

Mykel Foster [143] (585) 652-3048

My name is Mykel , I own a cleaning business nearby servicing The Greater Rochester area.

Our team of professionals provides high-quality cleaning services that meet your specific needs. As a business owner, you have enough on your plate without having to worry about the cleanliness of your workspace. That’s why we offer long-term, consistent cleaning services that allow you to focus on your clients and daily operations without any distractions.

We understand that every business is different, and that’s why we offer customized cleaning plans to ensure that your workspace is always clean and presentable.

We would love to have the opportunity to discuss your cleaning needs further and show you how we can help. Please let us know when a convenient time for us to reach out again.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Mykel Foster
Operations Manager
Ambiance 4 Cleaning Services

Jeffrey M Hoffman [143] (585) 259-7441

Dear LeFrois Team-

I operate a non-profit based here in Rochester called Visible Man whose mission is to reduce male suicide. Men die by suicide at a rate 4x that of women, with rates highest for men in the middle years – particularly for those who work in construction-related jobs. To address this, we have a community of men and women who meet to help build men’s emotional well-being. We have a social media presence and podcast (links at the bottom), and have built relationships with the American Association of Suicidologists, American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, National Alliance for Mental Illness, and Strong Hospital. But most importantly, we help men become seen.

I’m reaching out to see if LeFrois has interest in partnering with us. Our non-profit is volunteer-run and we are looking to expand by reaching more men, particularly in careers that exhibit higher risk for suicide.

If this is of interest to your team, please reach out to me. Be well through the holidays, too!

Jeffrey Hoffman
Founder, Visible Man


Jason Thompson [143] (763) 852-3760

Hello, I’m just reaching out on behalf of the Lake Shore Country Club. I was hoping to speak with someone about featuring your business on our scorecards next year. Please feel free to email or call me if you had any questions or wanted to speak further. Thanks

Nathaniel Hawkins [143] (585) 223-3456

Hi LeFrois Team, We’re a certified woman-owned, Fairport, NY based window film company. We deal and install Privacy, UV/Solar Control, Decorative, Security, and Switchable film solutions throughout New York State and the Northeast. We’ve been working with both residential and commercial customers since 1998. Film can protect interiors, reduce glare, improve privacy, provide security, beautify spaces, and significantly reduce energy costs.

We’d love to be able to bid for film on any projects you’re working on. If there are projects where film is specified, for which a bid is not required, we’d also love to work with you. Please let us know who we can speak with!

Thomas Palazzolo [143] (585) 442-7030

Just wanted to say “thanks” for the
delicious cookies! It was a nice surprise,
totally unexpected. Have a wonderful
Holiday! And thanks again 😊

Lee [143]

NOT GOOD REPRESENTATION FOR YOU COMPANY !!!I was traveling along rt 15 in Springwater NY going about 62mph when one of your trucks passed me at a high rate of speed and continued pulling away from me.
This driver is well know in this community
as the Lefrois asshole because of his driving.
This guy is gonna cost your company lots of money at some point and I hope I’m there as a witness for the other party.

Rt15 between Websters Crossings and Springwater, at approx 3:05 pm
Thursday Dec 7th 2023

Andrew (Drew) Prok [143] (585) 330-3939

My name is Drew Prok. I am the President of New York Painting and Coating. We are looking to partner with the region’s premier contractors.

We offer:
interior and exterior painting
concrete repair
concrete polishing
concrete epoxy coatings
pressure washing
specialty protective and containment coatings
We would love to prove our worth and become a subcontractor of choice. I can be reached here or at 585 330-3939.


Drew Prok

New York Painting and Coatings

NY Painting and Coatings Logo.png

Ben Briggs [143] (607) 227-8968

I would like to inquire if you have any wet lab space available for lease. I am looking for ~1000ft^2 to perform molecular biology work for a small startup.

Thank you,

Brandon Bush [143] (607) 382-0455

was wondering if you used subcontractor for drywall installation or drywall finishing if so pls contact me by phone or email thank you

Alex Zalamov [143] (510) 761-7001

Can you take on an additional 2-3 new clients per week? Hi, my name is Alex, and I can provide you with new customers, if you are interested please fill out my Contact Request Form and I will get back to you as fast as possible I will will explain to you how my process works, thank you and have a successful day. You can also text me at 1-510-761-7001 or you can email me at and please respond with the best phone number to call you, have a wonderful day.

Jayce Grefrath [143] (716) 491-0019


My name is Jayce Grefrath and I am a licensed Professional Engineer (P.E.) in NY state and a Licensed Real Estate Saleperson with Sotheby’s and a Licensed Home Inspector. I live in East Irondequoit.

I worked for Stantec and Passero Associates for 12 years combined, and have been a freelance structural engineering consultant for the past 6 years.

I’m reaching out to see if your company would have a need for any of my services. I’m specifically looking for opportunities to grow my knowledge of real estate, project and construction management, as well as offer my expertise in structural engineering and drafting of construction documents.

I’d also love to pick your brains to see what I could do to set myself up for success in the development world, and would also like to know more about LeFrois and potential opportunities between us.

Let me know if you have any availability for me to swing by your office next week for a chat.

Thank you!


Leah Nassimiha [143]

Good morning! Are you developing in Ontario right now? Reason I ask, we own 1.1 acres of commercial land at 1558 Rte 104, Ontario, NY that we’d like to partner with you on. Instead of selling you the property, this could be beneficial since we’ll roll in our land as our equity contribution into your project (lowering your cost basis tremendously), I’ll benefit from collecting a portion of the proceeds. To throw out arbitrary numbers, if my land is valued at $1 M and your project costs $2 M, we will roll in our land into the deal as you develop. We’ll then collect 33% of the proceeds since we put in 33% of the value. We’re okay with you developing solar panels, a commercial building, or anything in between. We’re going into this with an open mind… Is this something of interest?

Glenn Hamp [143] (480) 699-5731

Do you do any building in Tucson or Phoenix AZ?

Mariia Khristichenko [143]

MandS-Arch waiting for Your Answer

Hello, a talented team member of LeFrois Builders & Developers!
I hope this email finds you well. Have you had an opportunity to review our previous email? Do you have any questions?
We are ready to provide more detailed info about our previous experience, working process, pricing, and availability.
Additionally, if you have a small project in mind that you would like to use as a test of our collaboration, feel free to start!
Our portfolio
Thank you for your time, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.
Best regards, Mariia
Architect, MandS-Arch co-founder

Katie Wade [143] (765) 216-1216

My name is Katie and I work for Jones Brothers Trucking. We are an asset-based trucking company with locations in Missoula, MT as well as Muncie, IN. We employ a combination of OTR, regional, and local drivers. We recently wrapped up a contract working with one of the top 6 Butler Manufacturing builders in the US, saving them over $150,000 in transportation costs compared to what Butler Manufacturing had quoted them. Would you be interested in what we can offer you on your next project as an asset-based carrier?
I am a current CDL holder that has completed one year of the Jones Brothers Trucking Over the Road Management Training Program. This training has given me an understanding of the day-to-day challenges of operating a flatbed truck in all parts of the country, as well as the knowledge to problem solve any situations that may arise. JBT is an international flatbed carrier based in Missoula, MT with the ability to haul across the U.S. and Canada.

Mark M [143] (877) 670-3586

We have unbelievable Bookkeeping & Payroll services. We can do all your expense management for as little as $99* per month.

Save up to 50% on your current bookkeeping
Get your PNL every month and stay up to date
Instant communication to stay in touch
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Let our professionals set up your books to save you taxes.

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I look forward to speaking with you.

Mark M.
Irvine CA, 9260

patrick [143] (585) 350-6979

Do you still own the building on west henrietta road, in Rochester, NY, by the movie theater that use to be fastners i think? I notice it has been empty for a very long time, and wondering if its for sale or can work out a reasonable lease to restart a vr arcade and make it half a variety store.

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